Oskari map services

Do you need to publish spatial data online or is your organization planning on building a map service?

Did you think that it takes a lot of time and effort to build a map service? Well think no more, since it with us it is in fact easy and efficient!

Oskari is a renowned open source platform for displaying geospatial data. Initially a co‐effort between Finnish public and private organisations, Oskari is especially useful for organizations willing to publish GIS data with a help of a map service. In 2017 Oskari received the status of an OSGeo Foundation Incubator project.

Our Oskari map service products are an easy and affordable way to build a map service for your organization. With Oskari products you get an easy access to a modern web mapping technology.


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Jan Lindbom

+358 40 503 2435 

Why build a map service with Oskari technology?

  1. Oskari technology provides an easy way to visualize and publish GIS data on the map.
  2. You get a comprehensive map service for various needs.
  3. Oskari has versatile possibilities for further development.
  4. As an open source technology, Oskari is developed constantly by various experts.
  5. A map service with Oskari is an easy way to meet the INSPIRE directive requirements.

For whom?

  • Municipalities
  • Public officials and research institutes
  • Regional administration
  • Third sector organisations
  • Businesses

Oskari map service 
As a turnkey solution

Map service is provided from our high‐quality server environment
Includes technical support for the organisation’s main user
Customized to the organization’s visual look & feel
Other requirements are agreed upon separately

Launching 1 350 euros (VAT 0 %)
Service fee 250 euros/month (VAT 0 %)

Oskari map service installed to the customer’s IT environment or cloud

Launching charge 3 375 euros (VAT 0 %)

Other requirements are agreed upon separately

Basics of Oskari web mapping technology

3 hour effective introduction to Oskari technology (via Skype)

490 euros (VAT 0 %)

Dimenteq has an extensive knowledge on Oskari technology

We have used Oskari technology in various GIS solutions for our customers.

We have also contributed widely to the development of Oskari technology itself.

Our Oskari customers include Helsinki Regional Environmental Services Authority, City of Tampere, Finnish Transport Agency, State Treasury and Ministry of the Environment.