Are you in need for ideas and additional info in planning? Are you looking after a simple and easy‐to‐use tool for inventories and data collection?

Harava is a map‐based survey tool for crowdsourcing information from your environment.

Harava promotes civic participation in planning processes. It it also a perfect companion for collecting and processing customer feedback and for different types of inventories.

Harava service is already used by over 170 organisations.

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Department Manager, Product Solutions
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Ideas for planning

Do you have a plan on establishing a new residential area, improving sites for recreation or developing public traffic? With Harava map surveys you can easily receive an insight on what actions the locals really see as important. With Harava you can engage the most important stakeholders: people for whom a better environment is built for!


Harava is a useful tool also in inventories concerning culture and nature environment. Through crowdsourcing you can get a wider perspective on your research area. The most valuable data on history and characteristics of a certain area is in the minds and memories of local people.

Commenting plans

A new residential area under construction? Planning a new public bus route? Place your plan in Harava, involve the local people and ask them for comments!

Collecting feedback

With Harava you can easily implement customer feedback surveys and long‐term collection of feedback related to for example infrastructure maintenance or traffic safety.

Recipe for a successful map survey

Set clear objectives!

Make sure that your goals for survey implementation and results are clear. Try not to make the survey too long — a logical and compact survey will ensure you with more answers.

Create a new survey

Carry out your survey with or without a map — which ever suits your needs the best! Make sure that the survey front page is informative — doing this ensures a pleasant and easy answering process.

Choose background maps

Use your own background maps in the survey — or use our ready‐made, high‐quality background maps. You can also upload other relevant GIS datasets to be presented in the survey.

Add content and customize the layout

Enrich your survey with questions, text, images and other content types! You can create your own survey quickly with drag‐and‐drop elements and ready‐made templates. Modify the survey to match the brand and colours of your organisation.

Publish and communicate!

You need efficient communication and marketing in order to reach the relevant audience for your survey. Make use of local media, Facebook ads, Twitter…there is no way you can promote your survey too much!

Report the results!

Make a report on the survey answers, communicate them to your stakeholders and be open on how the data will be used. This way you will make the respondents feel that their input is important and you will more likely get active respondents also the next time. 

Harava pricing

Choose the Harava license most appropriate for your needs!

Harava Single

Launching 450 €
Annual price 0 €
1 survey month
1 user

Harava Lite

Launching 950 €
Annual price 0 €
Survey months 0
Additional survey 300 €/30 days
Unlimited amount of users

Harava Medium

Launching 0 €
Annual price 3 100 €
12 survey months
Additional survey 300 €/30 days
Unlimited amount of users

Harava Pro

Launching 0 €
Annual price 8 100 €
Unlimited survey months
Additional survey 0 €
Unlimited amount of users 

Launching includes the right to use Harava and ready‐made survey templates, as well as tools for building a survey, background maps and support service.
When launching, an account and a master user ID will be created to the organisation. You then have the right to use Harava within your organisation.  
With the ID the master user in the organisation can create any amount of new IDs to the organisation (Lite, Medium and Pro licenses).
A survey month = one survey that is published for 30 days. Prices VAT 0 %

Harava service packages

In need of a participatory survey but you are short of time? Our experienced Harava team provides you also with service packs for planning, implementing, analyzing and reporting map surveys.

Harava S

Planning the survey 

270 euros (VAT 0%)

Harava M

publishing a survey
750 euros  (VAT 0%)

Harava L

publishing a survey
compiling a report on the results
1 500 euros  (VAT 0%)

Did you know? Harava was listed among the Good Practices by the UN Human Rights Council in March 2015.

Did you know that…

Harava survey tool is used in over 170 organisations. Third of the Finnish municipalities are Harava customers. In addition to municipalities Harava is used for example in regional and national public administration as well as associations.

Harava has been used in Finland, Sweden, Austria, Spain, Australia…

The list of survey themes is endless: cycle traffic, urban planning, architecture competitions, hiking routes, inventories of historical buildings, skate and BMX parks, retail services, tram routes…

In Spain 11 municipalities use Harava as a part of the Participa app

Participa, an app for participation, promotes communication and transparency with different tools for smart planning. As a part of the Participa app, there is a possibility for creating map‐based surveys.

These surveys are provided by Dimenteq’s Harava survey tool. The surveys are created and published with Harava technology, and they can be accessed from the Participa app.

Citizens can share their opinions with participatory surveys. Harava provides therefore an essential component for creating the surveys and collecting the data.

Participa app is created by Tecnogeo, a Barcelona‐based GIS consultant specialized in the development of geospatial information management solutions for companies and public administration.