Spatial Data Services

Dimenteq provides user‐friendly location‐based solutions that add a GIS dimension to your business.

Custom Software and IT Systems

Need a unique IT system? We make it for you!

Our experts have solid experience in software development with different technologies for workstation, server, and mobile environments. We have created unique tailor‐made Geo‐ICT solutions for several industries, such as energy, public transport, and environmental resource management. 

We are an innovative and technology neutral IT company and follow the latest movements of the Geo‐ICT and spatial data industries continuously: therefore, we are able to select the best working methods and create the most optimal solution for your needs.

Our IT system deliveries cover all the phases from the kick‐off and planning meetings to the agile development process, software installations, and admin support.


Just some of the technologies that we use:

• Autodesk
• MapInfo
• MapPoint
• MicroStation
• Open Source:
 — GeoServer
 — MapServer
 — OpenLayers
 — PostGIS

GIS and Spatial Data Consulting

Dimenteq is a professional GIS organization that offers GIS and spatial data consulting in addition to the spatial data featured IT systems. Our GIS specialists conduct spatial data analyses and our services include also GIS training.

Our previous commissions to municipalities and cities have included route optimization and route plans for combining different kinds of deliveries (e.g. meals, schools, elderly care, and care for the disabled) and planning the home care zones. We have also analyzed delivery routes for distribution companies and helped them improve delivery address management and define the optimal locations for collection points. Other examples of our spatial data analyses and consulting range from housing and environment reviews for ministries, route optimization for waste management companies, and spatial data strategies and research for companies and communities.

Through our GIS consulting services, the customer organizations have been able to improve their customer satisfaction and achieve major savings in their operational expenses.

Contact us to know more about our consulting services. Helping in any GIS‐related project is our pleasure!

Pihatie — Smooth Marketing of Vacant Lots and Land

Pihatie is an innovative marketing platform of vacant lots. It is a value‐adding tool for any city or municipality that wants to welcome new residents and businesses to their land.

The Pihatie portal displays vacant lots to the lot seekers in a user‐friendly way and also allows easy comparison of lots and their nearby services. Due to its light operational requirements, the service is recommended especially for small cities and municipalities.

Get to know the lot marketing portal Pihatie and take your lot sales to the next level!

User Interface

The Pihatie UI lists the available lots in a given city and allows to search and sort them according to the lot seeker needs and preferences. The portal hosts lots for both residential and business purposes. The Pihatie portal is featured with the following functionalities:

  • Lot search according to the desired criteria (e.g. price, area, quarter)
  • Display and presentation of nearby services
  • Lot cards with complete lot information
  • Available 24/7: the lot seekers can reserve lots online at any time
  • Integration with the city graphic identity


The admin UI of Pihatie allows easy administration of available lots and the related information. The admin UI includes the following functionalities:

  • Add and update lots and nearby services
  • Reporting: view and manage the lot data according to lot availability
  • Search, list, and sort data
  • Listing of residential, commercial, and industrial lots

Please note that the service is currently available only in Finnish and Swedish. Contact us to know more about Pihatie!