Move! 2017 measurements have started in schools

31. Aug 2017 News
Move! 2017 measurements have started in schools

Move! is a national physical functional capacity monitoring and feedback system for Finnish 5th and 8th grade pupils.

Move! system aims at encouraging pupils to independently take care of their physical functional capacity. Move! is organized by an extensive group of authorities: e.g. Finnish National Agency for Education, Ministry of Education and Culture, National Institute for Health and Welfare and the National Sports Council.

Move! has been developed for schools as a tool to produce objective information on the physical functional capacity of children. Move! includes eight measurement sections. The sections measure pupils’ endurance, strength, speed, mobility, balance, and basic motor skills. The information is used for example in school health care.

Move! data is collected and published annually with Harava query service. Move! is one of the most extensive data collection projects utilizing Harava.

The national Move! system was officially established in August 2016. The 2017 measurements are organized in August‐September in schools around Finland.

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