Get to know the Tanzanian GIS field!

17. Aug 2017 News
Get to know the Tanzanian GIS field!

The benefits of GIS in supporting local planning and development are actively promoted in Tanzania. The Finnish‐Tanzanian cooperation has an important role in information exchange and sharing best practices.

Niina Käyhkö, adjunct professor and senior lecturer in geoinformatics at the University of Turku says that when it comes to future development of geospatial technologies, Tanzania is one of the most prominent countries. With rich natural resources and lots of both land area and citizens, there is a definite need for good solutions.

And the need is the one that is driving this development at the end of the day. But there are some critical issues: the collaborations and teaming up as experts. Everybody needs to be proactive in what they are doing, sharing their information and cultivating the willingness of collaboration altogether”, Käyhkö says in the recently published video on the Tanzanian GIS field.

Tanzania GIS day and other events as well as different cooperation projects have an important role in sharing knowledge and best practices.

Forget about desktops and laptops — Tanzania goes mobile

Two short films by a Tanzanian startup Studio19 — a summary of Tanzania GIS day 2016 and a video on the possibilities of geospatial technologies in Tanzania — were recently published. These videos spread the word on the very prominent Tanzanian geospatial ICT development.

Here the solutions are really agile, mobile, lite, clever – and make fundamental impact to people’s life quality.”

People here don’t have to go through the same steps of development as we have gone through in many other countries, moving from table computers to laptops and then to mobile phones. Here the solutions are really agile, mobile, lite, clever – and make fundamental impact to people’s life quality”, Käyhkö says.

Geospatial technologies are essential when moving towards the age of information

The Tanzanian government is already acknowledging the importance of geospatial technologies. Establishing a geospatial data infrastructure, defining the standards for capturing data and developing the mechanisms for processing data into information are essential processes that as Elifuraha Mtalo, deputy vice chancellor finance at the University of Bagamoyo says “would really launch this country into the age of information.” “And I have trust that Tanzania can do it”, he continues.

The next Tanzania GIS Day will take place 16th-17th November in Dar Es Salaam.

Dimenteq is currently participating in a Finnish‐Tanzanian project consortium called GESEC (Geospatial business ecosystem in Tanzania). The project is aimed at developing new business solutions related to geospatial and ICT technologies for the markets of developing countries. The focus is to support sustainable ICT infrastructures, create new businesses and thereby enhance the development of local communities.