Five tips on effective community engagement using map‐based survey tool Harava

04. May 2017 Uutiset

There are already over 170 organisations using Harava as a tool for participatory planning. Harava survey tool helps you when you want to be active with community engagement, smart planning and enhancing transparency. With customers in Finland, Sweden, Spain, Austria and Switzerland, Harava is currently used by municipalities, regional authorities, national administration, associations, universities and businesses.

Harava makes participatory planning easy, fast and efficient. A web‐based survey tool is an excellent companion for boosting community engagement, because it can reach a multiple audience compared to traditional methods of participation. Harava helps you especially when it is essential to share information, an opinion, development idea, feedback or story and visualize it on a map.

170 organisations and several hundred surveys. There are a lot of interesting topics where a map‐based survey tool has been of excellent use. In addition to issues of planning, it has been used in inventories, customer surveys and for educational purposes. Here you can read some of our examples from the past years!

1. Collect information on urban & regional planning and traffic & transport planning

Tram route planning in the city of Tampere
Urban development of the city of Mariehamn — what is good, what needs to be developed
Traffic safety — dangerous places (for example the city of Raasepori)
Ideas on the city centre development in the city of Parainen
Visit Arctic Europe -survey on accessibility (WSP Finland)
Developing the E18 road between the cities of Naantali and Raisio (Finland)
How do you imagine Vitoria‐Gasteiz in 2025 — experiences of citizen participation in urban planning (Vitoria‐Gasteiz, Spain)
Mapping mobility and improving traffic arrangements in the city of Graz, Austria

2. Inventories of nature and cultural environment

Fact and fiction on historical buildings and archaeological findings in Kemiönsaari (Kemiönsaari municipality and the Regional Museum of Southwest Finland)
Where did you fall in love? (Vantaa City Museum)
Inventory on invasive species (City of Vantaa)
Inventory on reindeer herding regions (Finnish Environment Institute)
Inventory on valuable nature resources (City of Salo)

3. Lifestyle and education

A monitoring system on the physical activity of children and young people (Finnish National Agency for Education)
A learning environment for schools on urban planning (City of Turku)
Places, areas and routes for recreation (Regional Council of Pohjois‐Savo)
Survey for cyclists and pedestrians in the city of Mikkeli
The best cycling route in Sipoo municipality

4. Infrastructure maintenance

Maintenance and monitoring of hiking routes
Maintenance of information regarding local government infrastructure
Developing cyclist and pedestrian traffic routes in Muurame, Finland

5. Customer and feedback surveys

Feedback surveys on events and conferences
Customer surveys on the quality of public and private services
Green spaces, shared spaces and street areas — customer satisfaction survey 2015 (Municipality of Sipoo)