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Dimenteq asiakkaat HSY paikkatieto

HSY: Map Service for Open Data

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY provides its open spatial data for entrepreneurs, decision‐makers, professionals and above all — ordinary citizens — through an online map. 

The interactive map service has been developed by Dimenteq and among the major benefits of the service is its openness: the map service enables also users without GIS programs to use and view open data.

HSY’s map service for open data promotes data usability and transparency and creates a favorable ground for innovations. The map service for open data is based on the platform.

The map service is currently available only in Finnish.


Liikennevirasto Dimenteq asiakkaat paikkatieto

Finnish Transport Agency: Winter Navigation Management System (IBNext)

Maritime transport takes place in the Baltic Sea regardless of icy conditions: for the optimal use of icebreakers, the Finnish, Swedish, and Estonian icebreakers share the winter navigation management system. The icebreaking management system IBNext is a joint project of the Finnish Transport Agency and the Swedish Maritime Administration with the Estonian Maritime Administration being a licensed system user. The pilot system has been developed by Dimenteq.

The core of the system is a map‐based user interface that gathers real‐time data from different sources about the weather conditions and the location and movements of the vessels waiting for icebreaker assistance. Based on these data, the IBNext system presents a real‐time picture on the map, thereby supporting the coordination of icebreaker assistance and enabling multidimensional communications and operational reporting between the ice breakers and the organizations on land.

HSL Dimenteq asiakkaat paikkatieto

HSL: Analysis Tool LISSU for Public Transport Line Planning

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) plans and organizes public transport in Greater Helsinki and develops the operations continuously. Dimenteq has created a map‐based analysis tool to support HSL’s line planning and especially the initial phase: the LISSU tool enables to import source data from different systems and visualize them collectively on the map. 

LISSU provides us with a lot of data and analyses that support collective transport line planning — and it’s only few clicks away! Previously we used to handle large data sets only in numerical format but thanks to LISSU, we can now visualize them on the map. Cooperation with Dimenteq has run smoothly both in the development phase as well as in the administration phase”, tells Laura Sundell, Public transport planner at HSL.

Previously we used to handle large data sets only in numerical format but thanks to LISSU, we can now visualize them on the map.”

- Laura Sundell, Public transport planner at HSL

Tassu — System for Reporting Sightings of Large Carnivores

Tassu (´paw´ in English) is a GIS‐based reporting tool that helps researchers and authorities estimating large carnivore populations. The sightings are collected by the large carnivore contact persons who report the observations via Tassu.

The information is displayed on the map and used in planning and managing a sustainable level of large carnivore populations. Tassu is developed by Dimenteq in cooperation with the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute (FGFRI) that is part of Luke, the Natural Resources Institute Finland today.

The Tassu system is available currently only in Finnish and Swedish.

The sightings reported on Tassu are available at

5 000 — 10 000

monthly sightings

150 — 200

daily active users

Kemijoki Dimenteq asiakkaat paikkatieto

Kemijoki Oy: Map‐based Property Management System

Kemijoki Oy is the biggest producer of hydro power in Finland. The company owns a number of hydro power plants within a large area and manages its land and real property with an information system developed by Dimenteq.

The browser‐based system displays property data on the map: in addition to the property management, the system supports project management, internal registrations, contract management, maintenance, and real property sales.

ELY Dimenteq asiakkaat paikkatieto

ELY Centre for Southwest Finland: Flood Warning System is a flood warning system for the Kokemäenjoki River in southwestern Finland. The warning system is developed by Dimenteq in cooperation with the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Southwest Finland (ELY Centre for Southwest Finland) and the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE.

The flood warning system provides the citizens and companies in the drainage area with location specific and easy‐to‐understand real‐time data about the current flood levels, risks, and forecasts. The registered users may subscribe to location specific SMS flood warning notifications by selecting the measuring points on the map.

The flood warning system has been developed as a part of the national flood warning system development project in Finland.